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If you listen to the political left for more than a few seconds, I’m sure you’ll hear something or other about how awful America is to minority groups, with Black Americans at the center of that argument.

Their leaders and political proponents will claim that we need to “reform” to make some drastic changes to make the lives of Black Americans and their rights more equal to that of the supposedly all-powerful and all evil white man.

However, in those same lines about the need for equity over equality and black oppression to be eradicated, you’ll start to notice an altogether different message – and one that has nothing to do with race or color.

Or at least that’s what a growing number of Black Americans believe.

To explain, I give you the Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund and Georgia Black Republican Council.

Together, the two organizations have recently called out the liberal left and one of their most outspoken Black voices, failed gubernatorial candidate for the state of Georgia, Stacey Abrams.

They complain that Abrams seems to have lost sight of what Black Americans really need and want. Instead, she has given herself over entirely to promoting only what the Democratic Party wants.

In particular, they claim her motivation to push the liberal agenda forward has actually caused severe damage to Black communities throughout America, and, specifically, those in her home state of Georgia – although she never fails to act like she’s doing them a favor.

Take her recent and staunch opposition to Georgia’s new fair election laws, for example.

Like most of her party, she proclaims that changing the voting laws will somehow make it harder for Black Americans to vote, whether at the polls or via mail-in ballots. And as a result of the state passing such laws, Abrams has encouraged large corporations, including Major Baseball League, to abandon Georgia completely.

As you may have heard, MLB did, in fact, take her advice, deciding to move their much anticipated All-Star Game and draft from Atlanta, Georgia, to Denver, Colorado. I guess the thought was that if they didn’t play in Georgia, then the southern state wouldn’t get all the revenue the game will most definitely bring in.

However, as Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund founder and chairman Raynard Jackson explains, the loss of revenue isn’t such a hit to the state so much as the millions of Black Americans and Black-owned businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

“It’s been estimated that Cobb County will lose north of $100 million in revenue and economic activity as a result of the baseball’s unilateral decision to relocate the game.” That’s money that would have supported one of the most densely populated African American communities in the nation.

And now, thanks to Abrams’ encouragement, all that money will go to communities surrounding Denver, which has a population that is nearly 70 percent white.

Jackson, needless to say, isn’t happy about the change and blames Abrams specifically for hurting communities that should be called her own.

“You have one person, by the name of Stacey Abrams, who lied. She got Major League Baseball to relocate the game. She got corporations like Delta Airlines, Coco-Cola, to come out against the Georgia Integrity Act.”

In a separate statement, Jackson said, “Stacey Abrams doesn’t speak for the black community. She speaks for the white liberals who bankroll her political ambitions. Stacey Abrams doesn’t actually care about making it easier for Black people to vote, she only cares about making it easier for Democrats to vote.”

And he’s not wrong.

One of Abrams’ primary concerns with Georgia’s new voting laws is that voters are now required to provide a photo ID when they arrive at the voting polls and when they submit an absentee ballot. Common sense would say this law would reduce the amount of potential fraud during elections.

However, Abrams claims that the law disenfranchises Black Americans and forces them to “go through unnecessary hurdles to prove their bona fides. I’m sorry, but does she think that Black Americans are too stupid or somehow incapable of providing something so simple as a photo ID?

Georgia Black Republican Council’s Lisa Babbage says, “Black people aren’t stupid, but Stacey Abrams treats us like we are when she suggests that we aren’t even capable of obtaining a photo ID.”

If Abrams really cared about Black Americans and not just Democrats, she’d see these voting laws are simply common sense, ensuring free and fair elections to all. Instead, she seems only focused on how she can hurt those she claims to be for.