When Kendal Qualls began campaigning for a bid for Minnesota’s 3rd district, he never imagined getting quite the response he did. Of course, he imagined winning and helping his community to achieve better for themselves. But it was the response to his conservative message that really astounded him.

Now, to be clear, Qualls did not win the US Representative bid, losing to Democratic incumbent Dean Philips. However, it became clear to Quall throughout his campaign and reiterated after his loss that his message was one the nation apparently connected with and wanted to hear.

Qualls recently told Breitbart News in an interview, “All the political pundits were telling me that for a  first-time candidate down-ticket, down-ballot, that for me to get five percent more votes than President Trump in my district, five percent more than the senatorial candidate, Jason Lewis, says a lot of about my message.”

He continued, adding that people just kept coming to him with their support, even after losing to Philips. And it told him that his message was needed and had to continue. “We need it more than ever,” he said.

And so, he started a new organization to do just that.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, he founded TakeCharge in what is now his home state of Minnesota.

So what has his idea? Well, basically that “America works.”

And no, he’s not talking about literal work or career opportunities.

Instead, Qualls ran on the idea that America isn’t actually broken, as the political left would like us all to believe. Sure, it has its fair share of problems, but those have only arisen as society has slowly forgotten what America was built on and why.

And to restore America, we have to get back to those roots.

As Quall’s organization’s website reads, their mission is to “inspire and educate Black and other minority communities of their full rights and privileges as Americans granted to them by the Constitution.”

It continues with, “We desire to inspire them to take charge of their own lives, the lives of their children and not to rely on government and politicians for redemption and prosperity. We do not apologize for embracing America or its history. We believe that a well-grounded knowledge of American and world history strengthens our diverse country.”

Qualls knows better than most how harsh this nation can be for black or minority Americans. But as he also knows, “in this country, where you start in life is not where you have to stay in life.”

You see, Qualls grew up in Harlem, New York, being raised by his single mother. Later, he moved to Oklahoma, where he lived in a trailer with his father. Neither his father nor mother had ever finished high school.

Qualls remarked on is his upbringing, “I didn’t know how to be successful in this country, but I did know it started with an education.”

So he worked his way through school, eventually earning three graduate degrees after serving as an officer in the United States Army, and now has a resume that boasts the names of several Fortune 500 health care companies where he was a top executive at.

His message to Black America and really anyone in less-than-optimal life situations is that you alone have the power to take charge of your circumstance and make them better. Rather than buying into the leftist-backed narrative that America is inherently racist and the entire system is built to work against minorities, Qualls proves that you only become the victim when you let yourself be.

And so Qualls’ organization is fighting to limit ideas like critical race theory, which basically teaches the opposite, that America is “structured to undermine the lives of black Americans.” The organization is also strongly for the traditional nuclear family, school choice, and in opposition to identity politics.

In a video to promote his message Qualls tells the nation, “We will succeed when we return to our faith in God, and the core principles of our nation. We invite you to join us, and take charge of our culture and our future.”