For years and years, we have asked the ever-taunting question, ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ And for years and years, our government has been quick to say yes, we are alone.

They tell us that logic and reason can explain any phenomena we may see and think about extraterrestrials. They insist that sights of flying lights or unexplainable sounds are nothing more than military ‘training exercises’ or some similar excuse.

Yet, the question still haunts us. Conspiracy theories still abound. And UFO sightings are still reported every year, all for the government to take note of and not comment on.

So why is it that now, when the world is as chaotic as it’s ever been, is the American government deciding to tell all it knows about the possibility of life somewhere other than on Earth?

As you might have heard, Democratic President Joe Biden’s Pentagon has announced that on June 1, it will release its official UFO report.

According to the Pentagon, UFO sightings have increased significantly in the last two years, particularly over several American military installations. These sightings, as of yet, remain unexplainable and supposedly legitimate. And so, in an attempt to be transparent with the people, the Department of Defense says it will release an account of these sightings and reports.

Naturally, this has only increased curiosity in the possibility that life elsewhere might exist.

But just as naturally, it has led many others to believe that these sightings prove that our government and military technology are embarrassingly behind that of our enemies.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and has access to such reports, says he doesn’t know which method to go with. But in either case, the American government would be wise to figure it out and soon.

As he said in a recent 60 Minutes interview, “Anything that enters an airspace that’s not supposed to be there is a threat.” And considering, we have no idea what this threat is or where it is coming from should be terrifying to all Americans.

Still, the question remains, ‘Why now?’

Why not release its concerns or reports back in 2019 when a host of new and unexplainable sightings are said to have occurred? Better yet, why not release them at any point over the last 75 years since the supposed crash landing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico?

Well, to answer that, a tech website known as The Drive says this is a way for Biden’s administration to try to hide the fact that national security has been severely lacking in recent years.

For example, the website speaks of a South Dakota-based company known as Raven Aerostar specializing in “solving great challenges in Aerospace and Defense,” as their website says. Basically, what they do is develop and produce technology such as stratospheric balloons and airships, as well as top-of-the-line radar systems, communication devices, and drones.

One device, particularly one of the above-mentioned stratospheric balloons, could easily be perceived as a UFO by practically anyone seeing it for the first time. According to The Drive, these unmanned balloons can fly well above the typical altitudes of airplanes, missiles, and basically any other aerospace machine. And as such, they can enter and fly over contested airspace with minimal risk.

“Due to their high altitude, they can remain out of reach of many traditional anti-air countermeasures.”

But the American military is likely unaware of such technology even existing, let alone having something similar.

And that makes Tyler Rogoway, the editor-in-chief of The Drive’s ‘War Zone section, believe that much of the supposed sightings are likely “a very terrestrial adversary (who) is toying with us in our backyard using relatively simple technologies – drones and balloons – and making off with what could be the biggest intelligence haul of a generation.”

Rogoway says this is because, for the past few decades, the DoD “is still playing catch=up when it comes to the realities surrounding drone threat.” Basically, what he’s saying is that yes, the federal government has no idea what’s going on out there because they have been too worried about the threats they already know.

And now that it’s becoming apparent that America is far behind in spy tech, the administration is once again covering up their failures with conspiracies on extraterrestrial life.