It’s pretty much a known fact at this point that the southern border of the United States is a complete mess. It’s also no secret that all of it stems from the poor decisions of Democratic President Joe Biden and his liberal staff.

On day one in office, he wrote an executive order stopping the construction of the border wall begun by former President Donald Trump, leaving piles of already paid-for material to rot in the desert sun and literal gaping holes in our once secure border.

Biden then overturned Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico” policy, letting thousands of apprehended illegals roam the interior of the US until their immigration court day. He pretty made a worldwide invitation to immigrants saying they would be allowed in. And he’s put so many recent limitations on immigration enforcing agencies like ICE that they are pretty much useless.

Of course, that must not be enough because it has just been reported that the Biden administration is now considering to bring back all those illegals who were deported under Trump’s tenure in the White House.

Yes, you read that correctly. He’s thinking of bringing back deported illegals.

According to the Associated Press, a left-wing think tank known as the National Immigrant Justice Center has just proposed that the Biden admin put together a “centralized Department of Homeland Security office” whose sole purpose will be to process and approve return requests from previously deported immigrants.

Per Nayna Gupta, a policy adviser at the National Immigrant Justice Center, immigrants who are deported have been denied and, therefore, deserve “due process.”

Gupta said, “We have deported hundreds of thousands of individuals, and to do that and not even have an effective safety valve to review bad decisions violates due process.”

There’s just one problem with this argument – well, several, in reality.

First is that some 700,000 illegal immigrants were deported while Donald Trump was in the White house. And that means it’s possible that, on top of the hundreds of thousands who are already illegally in the United States awaiting immigration court dates and taking up literal billions of taxpayer-funded dollars, Biden just might say hundreds of thousands more can join them.

Secondly, it’s essential to know that for a person to be deported in the first place, a crime other than breaking US immigration laws has usually been committed. Convicted child rapists, as well as murderers, for example, fit this bill.

Additionally, according to CBP and other immigrant agencies’ data, most immigrant felons found in the United States have already been deported once or ever twice before, making them repeat offenders.

This means that not only are these individuals extremely dangerous to the well being our children and communities, but we’ve also spent hundreds of thousands of our hard-earned tax dollars in efforts to track them down, arrest them, process them, and deport them, all for it happen all over again.

In 2019, for example, some 14.3 million illegals were known to be in the US, costing US taxpayers about $130 billion. And the number of illegals is predicted to hit 21 million by 2025 – costing us even more.

Now, as the Associated Press points out, the proposal to make this a new national policy is just that at this point, a proposal. But it’s one that’s been “shared with the White House staff.” This means it has a long way to go before becoming law, not to mention Congress would never actually pass it.

However, as Biden has already proven he’s quite capable and eager to do, he could just write another executive order.

You’d think a president who is supposedly trying to unite this nation as well as do what is best for it wouldn’t even hear this argument, as it clearly is one of the most foolish and damaging ones I’ve heard in a while. Then again, it’s not like logic, fact, or even the betterment of the American people play much into current White House policy.

I mean, who logically thinks that letting known rapists, murderers, thieves, etc., back into our nation and our dime no less is a good idea?

Even left-leaning nations like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have immigration systems that limit their borders more than this.

But here in America, apparently, being for the left means being against America.