It’s no secret by now that Democratic President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities are not what they once were. Maybe that’s at least part of the reason we can’t help but find in the middle of lie after bald-faced lie.

The latest comes from a recently published interview with The Atlantic’s Edward Isaac Dovere conducted shortly after Biden was sworn into office in January. Naturally, the discussion focused on the 46th president’s journey to the White House and his “battle for the soul of America,” which was a central talking point of his campaign.

Biden explained that while the press may have criticized this campaign’s framing, he claimed it was a brilliant way to defeat Trump.

So what does the “soul of America” mean? Well, Biden didn’t really explain that except to say that he knew what it was and Trump didn’t. He said, “what I saw with Trump was that he didn’t understand anything about who we are as a people.”

Of course, Biden claims that he does.

Furthermore, he criticized Trump’s “transparent selfishness, his willingness to say anything, his overwhelming appeal to prejudice and division. He didn’t have any social redeeming value, as far as I can see.”

And that made it unbelievable to Biden that Trump could have won in 2016 in the first place.

“I underestimated his ability to take the big lie and turn it into something that was salable.”

So how does Biden think Trump tricked us all into voting for him?

Well, apparently, Trump ran his entire campaign on the premise that “the reason you lost your job is because of an immigrant; the reason you lost that job is because those black folks are taking your job.”

Or at least that’s what Biden thinks.

There’s just one problem with that line of thinking. It is utter rubbish.

In fact, Trump predicated his success on nearly the exact opposite viewpoint.

As he is reported saying once during an Atlanta event in September, “In the first three years, we achieved the lowest black unemployment rate in history. The black youth unemployment rate reached an all-time low. We achieved the largest job gains for African-Americans on record. Black Americans saw the largest increase in homeownership. The poverty rate for African-Americans reached the lowest level ever recorded.”

And the fact-checkers of the day couldn’t deny these points as fact.

But Trump won in 2016 and still had a significant voting presence in 2020 because he claimed, “black folks are taking your job?”

I don’t think so.

I mean, if Trump would have ever said anything even remotely similar to that, don’t you think there would have been an army of reporters and journalists to write and talk about it? But I don’t recall that ever happening. Hmmm…

Instead, Trump in 2016, and again in 2020, had the most extensive ever-recorded support from Black Americans of just about any Republican candidate in the history of the United States.

But, according to Biden, Trump didn’t understand the people or what we needed. Never mind that Trump continuously pointed legislation and Congress back to our nation’s founding documents and their writers. Never mind that the last time Biden tried to quote just a small portion of the Declaration of Independence, he embarrassingly butchered it and has since pushed forward efforts to rewrite central installations of our Constitution.

If we are to believe Biden, we also have to forget the fact that nearly before his first month in office was up, black unemployment was recorded to make a drastic jump.

We will also have to forget how Biden was a close friend to former KKK member and Senator Robert Byrd. Or how he told Black America that they “ain’t black” if they didn’t know they should be voting for him. Or what about all the times he off-handedly implied that Black people were either “poor,” the working class, and just plain stupid?

What’s that Bible verse about taking the log out of your own eye before you point out the speck in someone else’s? It seems our Catholic president has forgotten that one and is now blatantly lying to cover up his own flaws.

Either that or his mind is so far gone, he actually believes the words coming out of his mouth…