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It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has been missing for intents and purposes, well, since he took office in January. Yes, he’s been around physically. But when it comes to actually speaking, addressing his citizens, or even making simple announcements, he’s pretty much non-existent.

But we’re not exactly convinced that’s his fault, or at least his idea.

Sure, there’s an argument to be made about his mental capabilities and the fact that even the most straightforward readings become a jumble of words and phrases that are nearly incoherent when he is allowed to speak.

And that likely has a lot to do with the situation.

The fact of the matter is someone else appears to be making the calls about him speaking or not speaking – and for the most part, the result is the latter. This seems to particularly be the case when issues of complex or great importance are brought up.

Take a recent and quick photo-op opportunity Biden gave with a hardware store employee this past weekend, for example.

While visiting a local DC hardware store, Biden was allowed to take a photo – but nothing more. Naturally, as is typical of any appearance of Biden or the first family outside of the White House, the press was not far away and always ready to get in a few quick questions.

Until now, Biden’s staff has done such an excellent job at getting Biden away from such reporters that questions can’t even be asked. This is not one of those times, though.

Before his staff knew what was happening, reporters were everywhere around Biden and shouting out questions. And none could have been more damaging than those about the situation at our nation’s southern border with Mexico.

It’s hard to make it out, what with all the shouting going on, but one reporter in this instance definitely asked about the border “crisis.” And before Biden can even formulate an answer, his staff quickly ushers him out of the building and away from the reporters.

Now, if I were a member of the media, even the mainstream networks that are known to be very Biden friendly, I think I’d be more than a little perturbed, to be sure. For over a year, these people have worked day and night to silence any conservative good while reporting bias in Biden’s favor, effectively growing his support and carrying him to the White House.

And yet, now that he’s there, they can’t even get a word in or a word out of him.

Hell, he hasn’t even held a press conference yet. And by now, most presidents have given at least one by themselves, if not two or three.

This was recently brought up in a presser held by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, with a reporter noting that it was unusual for a president to have not given an address to the nation at this point in his term.

Of course, Psaki deflected as she always does, trying to pass off Biden’s quick one-liners in passing to the media as proof that he’s not silent. But that answer didn’t go over all that well.

The same reporter noted that while the press appreciated these one-liners, they were far from having a real conservation about his policies and tasks. He said, “Sure, those (quick interactions) though, are not an ideal form for us to be asking questions. He can’t hear us half the time. We get, maybe, two questions, and then we’re shuffled out. So why hasn’t he answered questions from the press at this point? Is it just that he’s too busy?”

Again, Psaki deflected, trying to insinuate that plans were being made for Biden to speak to the press soon. When? Well, she couldn’t answer that.

Reporters, no matter who they work for, as well as Americans in general, have the right to know what’s going on and what our president is working on, especially on matters such as the border crisis that will most definitely affect us.

We no longer have any idea what our government is doing or even who is leading it. And the fact that it’s being kept very hush-hush should concern more than just a few Americans.