According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and their beginning of April report, some 9.7 million Americans have currently found themselves without work, undoubtedly due to the still ongoing lockdowns and business closures demanded of liberal government leaders.

That’s 9.7 million who haven’t had a paycheck in God knows how long, don’t likely have health insurance to care for their family, and are seeing an increase in cost for just about everything, starting with gas prices and rental rates.

And yet, Biden’s administration and Department of Homeland Security has just announced that another 22,000 foreign work visas will be handed out this year for “seasonal help.”

As DHS, under the supervision of Biden’s puppet Alejandro Mayorkas, said in a statement on Tuesday, “As the nation’s economy continues to reopen safely, the Department of Homeland Security is taking action to ensure that American businesses are equipped with the resources needed to recover successfully and contribute to the economic health of local communities.”

And so… “DHS is announcing a supplemental increase of 22,000 visas for the H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker program. The additional visas will be made available in the coming months via temporary final rule in the Federal Register.”

Now, to be clear, that’s 22,000 additional visas being given out. That’s on top of the 66,000 that is already given out annually in the United States to seasonal foreign nationals.

But that’s not even the half of it…

DHS noted that “Furthermore, to expand lawful pathways for opportunity in the United States consistent with the President’s Executive Order 14010 on ‘Creating a Comprehensive Regional Framework to Address the Causes of Migration, to Manage Migration Throughout North and Central America, and to Provide Safe and Orderly Processing of Asylum Seekers at the United States Border,’ 6,000 of these visas will be reserved for nationals of the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

What this means is that before worrying about the nearly 10 million of our own citizens, Mayorkas and Biden have agreed to give job preference to 6,000 of those who are trying to illegally cross our border.

Of course, Mayorkas claims that the decision was made to “help U.S. employers fill temporary seasonal jobs, while safeguarding the livelihoods of American workers” and promises that it “will not adversely affect the wages and working condition of similarly employed U.S. workers.”

Oh really? Tell me how that works…

US workers will now have increased competition for just about every seasonal type of job you can think of, from cutting grass and performing maintenance on pools to handling odd jobs at the county fair or watching pH levels at the local fishery.

According to the Wall Street Journal, those jobs are in high demand right now. But instead of offering those jobs to citizens in need, as would make the most sense, Biden says foreigners should get them first. And if they are coming from a nation such as Guatemala or Honduras and considering crossing the border anyway, you get even more preference.

Sure, it might cut down on border crossings, but the end result is still the same. Literally thousands of migrants entering the US and taking jobs that could go to Americans needing work and income.

And don’t you dare think for a second that all Mayorkas talk of “seasonal” and “temporary” means that this problem will be short-lived, to die out when the colder months of fall and winter arrive.

As The Atlantic points out, more people overstay their visas every year than there are illegal border crossings. In 2017, for example, the DHS estimated a whopping 702,000 foreigners to be in America who had overstayed their visas.

And as border security, immigration, and foreign policies continue to weaken under Biden’s guidance, that number is only expected to grow.

If Biden and Mayorkas really cared about American livelihoods and a growing US economy, common sense alone would tell them this is a bad idea. But clearly, that’s not really their concern.