Considering the near-tyrannical rules and seemingly never-ending COVID limitations Biden’s left-leaning administration has placed on us, you’d assume that he and his staff would be ultra-cautious about who he lets into our nation right now, as we still find ourselves amid a pandemic.

Most Americans still find themselves under a mask mandate, required negative COVID testing for participation in all sorts of events and travel, and near-constant pressure to be vaccinated – regardless of proof that the newly fabricated vaccines really work or are safe.

Needless to say, it paints the picture that Biden is still very worried about our health and safety.

And yet, when it comes to anything involving our nation’s southern border, it seems the same rules don’t apply. Oh, and that he’s not nearly as concerned as he tries to make us think.

In fact, in light of recently reported immigration facts, I’d say he doesn’t really care about us at all. Instead, just like staunch conservatives have said for some time now, it’s all about control.

So what’s he allowing at the border, besides the molestation of numerous refugee children and the caging of thousands like they were livestock?

Well, according to multiple sources, some 7,200 illegal migrants have boarded on planes and sent to communities all over the United States in the last three months without needing 1) a negative COVID test result or 2) even a hint of an ID within the last three months.

According to Pfluger, who is from the border state of Texas, “Just in the last 3 months, TSA has flown over 7,200 illegal migrants on commercial airlines without photo ID’s or a negative COVID test. The Biden Admin is knowingly endangering the lives of American citizens.”

Now, at first blush, this claim may seem to be nothing more than another rant from a conservative lawmaker about the newly installed and not so center-leaning presidential administration.

However, Breitbart News has confirmed Pfluger’s story to be true.

“Those 7,200 border crossers put on flights at 10 U.S. border airports by the Biden administration were allowed to bypass photo identification requirements, the standard rules all American citizens are required to abide by. Likewise, the border crossers are not required to show proof of a negatives coronavirus test despite the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently confirming that border crossers in their custody are testing positive for coronavirus.”

Even the New York Times has reported on this in another of a long list of Biden’s hypocrisy.

According to The Times, “More than 170,000 migrants crossed the border in March – many coming from countries still grappling with high infection rates – but the Border Patrol is conducting no testing for the coronavirus during the several days that the newly arrived migrants are in U.S. custody except in cases where migrants show obvious symptoms.”

The outlet went on to report that the few who are tested and are positive for the virus are sent to “a shelter operated by the city.” The others are sent to “respite centers” for a night or two and then “board planes or buses to their destinations around the United States.”

Sounds a bit careless, don’t you think?

Well, the usually liberal-backed Times would agree with you.

As they wrote, “Some of them could well have infections contracted in Border Patrol facilities that did not register on tests during the brief time they spent at the respite center, immigrant advocates warned, and could unknowingly expose others as they travel to join friends and family elsewhere in the country.”

So much for caring about all those Americans who supposedly voted him into office.

But even worse than that is the fact that, if these reports are accurate, it means Biden’s administration is quite literally breaking both federal air travel laws and the CDC’s guidance that the Democratic president seems to so wholeheartedly endorse.

While rightful American citizens are getting kicked off airplanes for such minor things as a two-year-old’s mask slipping, illegals are being transported to towns all over America without a vaccine, without an ID, without a COVID test, or without a mask.

Yep, sounds like the usual Democratic games…