During the 2020 presidential primaries, we saw an emerging division in the Democratic Party, between the far left and moderate. In truth, it’s been there for a while, with left-wingers like Vermont’s Bernie Sanders being of the same kind of near socialist mind for decades now. But 2020 seemed to show off that divide a bit more, particularly when comparing those like Sanders and Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren to someone like Joe Biden, who has professed for years to be moderate.

And given that Biden won the DNC nomination, it would seem America wanted a more centrist approach, which tends to hold tight to government limits.

But with Biden being in office for nearly two months now, it seems centrist is not what we got.

As of day one, Biden made all sorts of executive orders, each giving his and Congress’s executive branch more and more power. And each taking away from the American people.

And it doesn’t seem that his plan of taking from Americans and giving to the government, even with the pretense of giving back to America, isn’t going away any time soon.

Why do I say that? Well, just look at the latest bill he’s endorsed for the political left.

It’s called the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021 or PRO Act and was passed by the House of Representatives last month. And it could kill as many as 57 million American jobs, if not more.

No, it’s not necessarily designed to get rid of more jobs, you know, on top of the ones that Biden’s already killed in his short time office. Its point is to supposedly protect those who freelance from being abused and misused by their “employers.” Sadly, there are those who hire “freelancers” as a way to get out of paying for things like paid time off, health benefits, and so on.

And so they are just going to do away with freelancing completely – and by doing away with it, I mean outlawing it.

As commentator for the Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo, recently wrote, “the PRO Act’s redefinition of freelance worker is so narrow that a worker can only provide a company with a freelance service that is outside its normal purview. For example, Uber is a driving company. It couldn’t hire drivers as freelancers, but it could potentially hire a janitor as a freelancer.”

So in order to work for any company as a freelancer, your service cannot be related to the usual business of that company.

Now, for many current freelancers, such as myself, that poses a significant problem.

You see, what Congress or the political left fails to understand is that many freelancers, myself included, choose this type of employment. And for many reasons.

Policy analyst Charlotte Whelan from the nonprofit Independent Women’s Forum, an advocacy group, explains that this is very similar to California’s newly established Assembly Bill 5 and why it’s just as problematic.

“Proponents of the law argued that this would help workers by making them employees of the companies they worked for and thus receive benefits such as paid time off, sick leave, etc. What proponents of AB5 failed to take into account is that many individuals become independent contractors by choice. They value the freedom and flexibility offered by contract work; while they may not get paid time off or other such benefits, those benefits are more than outweighed by the ability to choose when, where, and how they work.”

She goes on to note that a significant number of freelancers have also found that they can make “more money as contractors than they would as traditional employees.”

Now, I’d wager that “proponents” of the AB5 and the PRO Act haven’t thought of this factor because they aren’t looking to really help out workers. Instead, they are paying tribute to the labor unions who just got them their Washington wins.

As Polumbo wrote, “The president is really just doing the bidding o labor union officials who want to outlaw competition to their traditional business model… So, yes, Biden’s latest endorsement might make union officials happy – but there’s nothing pro-labor about it all.”

This massive increase in unemployment also gives the political left more of an excuse to push all their big government projects, you know, like free housing, standard base pay, free healthcare, and all the other things they want you relying on them for.

I mean, it would be a shame if the country was actually free and independent, as our founding fathers intended…