As you well know, the state of our southern border with Mexico is in crisis. And while Democratic and liberal puppet President Joe Biden refuses to call it that, there’s no denying that the situation down there is getting worse and worse by the day. As a show of his willingness to fix the problem and probably some attempt to get everyone off his case about it, Biden and his administration have assigned National Guardsmen from border states like Texas to assist.

But as it turns out, he’s given those Guardsmen orders not to help secure the borders, prevent more invasions on US soil, or help fight off drug cartels, but to instead pick up trash left along the border by those crossing it illegally.

And no, I’m not kidding.

Texas’ Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback says it’s more than “embarrassing.”

On Sunday, Louderback appeared on “Fox & Friends to comment on the situation and slam Biden and his staff for his handling of it all.

He said, “How embarrassing, to highlight the Biden policies and the current administration, on our National Guard, our Texas National Guard, picking up garbage.”

However, he does admit there is tons of trash at the border.

“We find these places littered completely with trash. And on the border, it’s an incredible amount of tonnage of clothing and trash and water bottles, backpacks, you know, just the entire scene is just littered with things.”

He added that it “incomprehensible” to him that it “is in the shape that it is now.”

But trash is one of the lesser of the problems at the southern border. And if Biden or even his vice president, Kamala Harris, had maybe taken a trip down there to see it, they’d understand.

Sure the border could use a little cleaning up. But it will just keep being trashed if the larger and more prominent issues, such as human trafficking, aren’t dealt with and soon.

As Louderback told Fox host Jedidiah Bila, “This is a major travel route, the number one human trafficking here in the United States, a tremendous hub for human trafficking and narcotics.”

And he’s not wrong.

A 2017 study by the Institute of Texas Austin showed that nearly 313,000 human trafficking victims lived in the state at the time, with 79,000 of those being children. In 2019 alone, the state reported another 1,080 cases through the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

That was the second-highest number reported in the entire nation that year. And it doesn’t even begin to account for all those not registered.

And yet, when Biden sends men and women to the border to supposedly help, he makes them pick up trash and forget about the real problems.

A complete embarrassment is right.

In response to this lack of good judgment on Biden’s part, Louderback asks, “Do we talk about the level of fear here in Texas and across the United States as an open border policy expands here? Do we talk about the cartel expansion and the strength and the power that they now exhibit here in the United States?”

These are just a few of the issues Biden’s ignorance has caused.

We could also mention the 172,000 plus some immigrants who crossed the border and were arrested in the month of March alone. That’s a 70 percent increase from prior months. During the same month, Border Patrol had over 13,000 unaccompanied minors and children in federal custody.

And the numbers for April are even higher.

That is literally hundreds of thousands of people, adults and children, who now have to rely on our government for food, clothing, shelter, schooling, etc. Who do you think is paying for all that? The federal budget is already maxed out, with two-thirds of the year left to cover and an ever-growing number of migrants expected.

But Biden has the National Guard, who is specifically trained for law enforcement, domestic invasions, and counter-drug efforts, doing nothing more than picking up trash. He could have Texas’ prisoners and parolees doing that. But no. He’d rather waste more of our nation’s hard-earned resources.