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Introduction to Blog Writing Packages

In today’s digital age, where online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, maintaining an engaging and informative blog is paramount. However, not everyone possesses the time, skills, or expertise to consistently produce high-quality blog content. This is where blog writing packages come into play – offering a convenient solution for those seeking professional […]

Blog Writing Service: Crafting Engaging Content for Online Success

In today’s digital age, where online presence and visibility are paramount, maintaining a high-quality blog is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. However, consistently creating compelling, well-researched, and search engine optimized blog posts can be a time-consuming and challenging task. This is where a professional blog writing service comes into play. Understanding the Value of […]

San Fran Mayor Caught in Gross Hypocrisy

In our post-pandemic world, mandates, unfortunately, remain a reality for far too many places. However, none seem to be quite as bad as London Breed’s San Francisco. As mayor of the Golden Gate City, she has made sure that masks are worn by all, regardless of vaccination status, where you are, or what you are […]

Pelosi Sends Capitol Police in Full Riot Gear to Meet Smattering of Protesters

You probably didn’t know it, but a protest was held at the Capitol this past weekend. Organized by Matt Braynard, the “Justice for J6” rally was supposed to be an event to protest the treatment of those arrested and wrongfully incarcerated for their involvement in the January 6 incursion on Capitol Hill. According to media […]

Dem Midterms to be Even Worse Than We Thought…

By now, you’ve likely figured out that while the Democratic Party currently holds the majority in both congressional houses, as well as the White House, things aren’t looking particularly good for them as 2022’s midterm elections draw closer. After all, their majority is just about as slim as it could ever be. However, as numerous […]

Another Dem Says It’s Time for Feinstein to Retire

If you know anything about California Senator Diane Feinstein, it’s likely that she’s been around for pretty much forever. I mean, she is the oldest current lawmaker in Washington, as ripe old 88 years old. As such, there have been numerous calls over the years for her to retire. And many point to her as […]

Dem Gov Candidate Exposed for Ties to Cop-Hating Organization

No doubt there are those of you who likely believe current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is the worst option for the Old Dominion at this point. After all, this is a man who has begun a massive movement to limit Second Amendment rights and supported what can only really be called “fourth-trimester” abortion in recent […]

‘Cops’ is Making a Comeback…

Over the last year, it seems the cancel culture of the political left has taken our airwaves by storm. Anything and everything that represents or portrays something anti-liberal is cut down and fed to the masses as hogwash. Unfortunately, the hardest-hit industry has been that of law enforcement. Due to the untimely death of Minneapolis, […]

New England State to Secede from the Union?

It’s no secret that presidency approval is at an all-time low right now. And when it comes to the federal government as a whole, the support isn’t much better. But apparently, things are so bad that one GOP member and lawmaker is proposing that his state cut all ties with the United States and strike […]

School District Canceled 9/11 Memorial and Attacked the American Flag

With the recent passing of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a day when nearly 3,000 innocent and civilian Americans lost their lives to terrorism, we saw much of the country come together to memorialize and honor those lives. High school students in the relatively small town of Ely, Minnesota, were no different. Weeks before the […]