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By now, you’ve likely heard all about President Joe Biden’s plans to take away our firearms and Second Amendment rights. He and others like him have been pushing for increased gun control for decades now.

It seems that with every election, there is at least one liberal Democrat who pushes the envelope on our right to keep and bear arms. Remember Beto O’Rourke, who ran in 2020 in the Democratic primary against Joe Biden?

We thought he was the worst to them. And when he was forced out of the race, we all let out a sigh of relief. But that sigh was short-lived, as Biden has increasingly mentioned and talked to congress of his felt need to extinguish firearms in the US.

Of course, he says it’s for our own good – to “end the scourge of gun violence in America.”

He tweeted back in November, just days before the election, “As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and enact other common-sense reforms to end our gun violence epidemic.”

But we all know the truth. It’s another form of control for him. If Biden can keep us from protecting ourselves and taking the fight to him and his administration, then he can make this nation into whatever he wants.

So I guess it’s a good thing there are plenty who aren’t willing to let that happen.

Take the state of Arizona, for example.

On Tuesday, their Republican Governor, Doug Ducey, signed into law the Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act. Its goal is to keep the federal government from ever using state officials and law enforcement from ever taking Arizona’s guns.

According to The Associated Press, the new law “aims to prohibit police and sheriffs from enforcing federal gun laws that violate the 2nd Amendment,” as well as bans public officials in the state from using personnel or funds to “enforce, administer or cooperate with” anything that violates our constitutional rights.

Ducey told KTAR-FM on Wednesday, “There’s a lot of discussion out of Washington, D.C., about congressional action around the Second Amendment, and this law was simply to protect the rights that we already enjoy in Arizona.”

Ducey and others have noticed the increasing leftward push from Congress and Joe Biden to take our gun rights, and so he wants to make sure that, should some new and anti-2nd Amendment laws be put in place federally, the people of Arizona will not have their rights trampled on.

State Representative Leo Biasiucci is another individual who is glad the Arizona bill was recently signed into law and not just because he sponsored it.

He tweeted on Wednesday, “Proud to announce that Arizona citizens now have an extra layer of protection regarding the 2nd Amendment. My bill, HB2111, was signed by @dougducey yesterday!”

And the bill could not come at a more perfect time.

If you missed it, Biden just announced on Thursday that his administration is making more moves to increase gun control across the nation, beginning with a crackdown on “ghost guns” or firearms that use parts or kits without serial numbers, expanding “red flag” laws even more, and limiting access to accessories like stabilizing braces.

But you’d better believe this is just the start of Biden’s plans to take your Second Amendment rights. As he said before, he plans on banning a lot more if we let him.

Thankfully, for the folks in Arizona, Biden’s path to get the apparent tyranny he so desires just got some major obstacles put in the way. And if other states were wise and really cared for their citizens’ rights, as Arizona obviously does, they’ll likely soon be putting similar laws in place – at least I hope they do.

The more obstacles for Biden, the better, right?

He and his cohorts need to learn that Americans will not sit idly by and let themselves or their rights be trampled on. I mean, that’s the entire reason we became a free and independent nation to begin with. We were tired of England telling us what to do, implementing increasingly higher taxes, and making laws that limited what we could do and who we could become.

And as a result, we gained a freedom few other nations have ever experienced. However, if we want those freedoms to continue, we will have to show Biden that we, the people, are in charge and not him. And it all starts with simple moves like this new Arizona law.