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As you well know, the liberal left has used the environment and what they now call “climate change” to boost a great number of their policies over the last few decades. And the Biden administration is no different. Remember when he canceled thousands of American jobs on day one in office – all in the name of protecting the environment?

But as it turns out, Biden, Harris, and all those under their command must not care all that much about the environment because, as the state of Arizona just pointed out, their new immigration policies lie in direct violation of the National Environmental Protection Act of 1969.

According to the Act, environmental impact studies need to be conducted every so often and as populations grow to ascertain just how much humanity is, well, impacting the environment. Depending on the outcome of those studies, changes must be made to keep a realistic balance between population growth in any specific area and the environmental resources available.

This particularly comes into play when any significant federal change is made – you know, such as immigration policy reversals that allow populations in border states to suddenly explode in just a few months.

And Biden’s staff is completely ignoring it.

As Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich said on Monday in a statement, “the Biden administration is not following the National Environmental Protection Act, which requires any time the federal government or federal agency takes any major action that will impact our environment, that they have to do a national environmental impact study.”

And make changes that affect the environment, the Biden administration has most certainly done.

I mean, what else would you call policies that allow over 19,000 migrants to cross the Mexico-Arizona border illegally? And that’s just in the Tucson sector alone and during the month of March only. The Yuma sector reported another 11,800 migrant apprehensions during that time, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

These people are crossing over into United States territories, needing food, water, shelter, and space to live in, which are all environmental resources that are already limited in some border towns.

And that doesn’t even begin to describe the safety concerns regarding COVID-19. As the Federal Emergency Management Agency noted last month, positivity rates among incoming migrants are at about 6 percent, which is much higher than most American territories they are coming into.

This is precisely why AG Brnovich has filed a lawsuit with the National Environmental Protection Act as its main argument.

He announced on Monday via Twitter, “We just filed a lawsuit alleging the Biden Administration illegally halted construction of the border wall and improperly rescinded the “Remain in Mexico” policy. The border crisis is out of control. We will not sit idly by as harms are done to our state.”

Now, you and all those on the political left might think this approach to Biden’s immigration policies is rather frivolous – calling out environmental concerns during a crisis like the one currently at our border. But as the Democrats have proved in the past, if it works, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

As AG Brnovich says, “I’m going to do everything I can to protect our communities and make sure the law is enforced. And if that means that I get to use the National Environmental Protection Act, which the left has used for decades now to force the government to do stuff or not to do stuff, I’m going to take a play out their playbook.”

Brnovich continued, saying, “It’s the pinnacle of hypocrisy for the Biden administration to claim it wants to protect our environment while not enforcing federal statutes that are specifically designed for that purpose. We are not going to sit idly by as the Biden administration ignores real harm to our state resulting from its heavy-handed executive orders.”

And he’s not wrong.

Whenever the left can’t seem to find a reasonable way to push their agenda forward, the environment and “climate change” concerns are brought out and put on display. It’s high time the right held them to those supposed standards and called out their hypocrisy.

Besides, at this point, it’s not like we or suffering borders states like Arizona have much a choice with Biden and Kamala in charge.