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We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding police and law enforcement these days. From the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to now Duante Wright, the media has done an excellent job of painting those who have sworn to serve and protect as a band of thinly veiled white supremacists out to get anyone who doesn’t act, think, or look like them.

And yet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories about these brave men and women that never get told.

Why? Well, because they portray these individuals as lifesavers, doing their job and doing it well.

Take a recent incident that took place at the San Antonio International Airport, for example.

On Thursday, reports were made to the San Antonio Police Department about a driver going the wrong way on an airport road and causing traffic problems. And so, as Fox News reported, officers were sent to pull the individual over and resume order to the airport roads.

However, once on the scene, the situation turned much more dangerous.

When one unidentified officer tried to engage the driver in the middle of the road, the man pulled out what is now known to be a .45 caliber handgun, which quickly began firing at the officer and the terminal just behind him.

As Police Chief William McManus explained in a news report after the event, this was the “start of an active shooter incident” with the driver firing randomly at both the engaging officer and the hundreds of would-be victims inside the terminal and walking the sidewalks around.

The officer, left with no other option, chose to return the driver’s fire, quickly making contact with his target and putting an end to what could have been another mass shooting. The shooter was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

McManus reported that “the shooter had a lot of ammunition and a big handgun that he was shooting indiscriminately. So my hat goes off to the officer who stopped him.” It was also noted that the man showed signs of mental illness.

The police chief said, “The officer who stopped this individual saved a lot of lives.” And indeed, they did.

But I’m betting this is the first time you’ve heard of this story, isn’t it?

Why? Well, it doesn’t go with the left’s narrative that all law enforcement is evil and should be “re-imagined,” “defunded,” or even “abolished” completely. Instead, it tells of an officer’s bravery, their excellent training, and their ability to protect the lives of innocent no matter the cost.

This individual put their life on the line, as he or she likely does on a daily basis, risking it to engage a deranged shooter and save the lives of anyone in the vicinity of the airport. They knew full-well things could end very badly for them, whether that means being shot themselves or becoming the media and the political left’s newest target for simply doing their job.

But this story does more than prove police officers aren’t evil. It also points out as clear as day that the kind of law enforcement needed in much of America is not this sissy, ‘no weapons, let’s bring in social workers’ stuff.

Can you imagine what would have happened if this officer had shown up with nothing more than a taser to engage the assailant? Or if it were a social worker who was tasked with handling this situation? He or she would likely be dead, along with who knows how many more.

Sure, in a perfect world, we’d love to imagine a nation without police, where they aren’t needed. But the fact of the matter is the world is far, far from perfect, and law enforcement is essential to the life and success of our society.

Without it, as we are already seeing in American metropolises that have chosen to limit their police departments, crime is only growing. From petty theft and vandalism to physical assault and murder, it’s all on the rise.

Thank God, some places still appreciate the good deeds of police officers serving and protecting.